Cute Music Video For Houston Singer Song-Writer’s New Single


This clip is the music video for Arthur Yoria’s new song “Ruff Life”. Arthur is a singer song-writer from Houston who rose to prominence after adopting a stray dog.

The music video, which is about the hardships of life for a stray dog in the city, features Arthur’s new dog, Rita Hayworth, whom he has now adopted. The singer song-writer was planning to get a dog in the near future, but finding a stray dog – the exact subject of his new single – was an incredible stroke of luck.

Arthur spotted Rita Hayworth while driving around Houston, and was immediately set on using the area where he found her for the video. When he discovered her, she was covered in fleas and had multiple illnesses, however, after a trip to the vets, Rita Hayworth came back free from fleas and with the medication required to give her a clean bill of health.

This is yet another example of how humans and dogs have a special bond. Please SHARE this video on Facebook.

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