Cute Parrot Absolutely Adores Owl Puppet


The parrot in this video is so adorable, you will wish he was yours! He is so truly cute to watch as he cuddles with this stuffed owl puppet. As someone controls the owl, the bird evidently thinks it is alive and makes the cutest sounds as he cuddles close to his friend. This is truly one of the most ridiculously adorable videos you have ever seen so do not miss it!

As he cuddles up against the cuddly owl, you will not be able to help but smile. He is so funny as he cuddles closer and closer. He almost makes a purring sound as he snuggles with his owl. It is clear this sweet parrot feels the owl is his best friend. The little parrot is so content, you will not believe how truly cute he is. Can you imagine having this sweet bird as your own? Watch this adorable video and Please SHARE on Facebook.