Too Cute: Watch this Adorable 3 Year-Old While Belt Student Recite Their Student Creed


There are many adorable things that 3 year old little kids do, but this video shows the pure joy and dedication that young children can have when they really love what they’re doing – and it says a lot for the teacher, too. In this video a 3 year-old White Belt student is seen Reciting the Student Creed, and if all young toddler/pre-school aged kids like this were like this one, the world would probably be a better place by the time they were grown.

Using very large words with fervor and enthusiasm, this adorable child is dedicated to doing exactly what her instructor says, and seems to take great pleasure in doing it correctly. For any parent thinking of putting their child into martial arts, this is a great example of how giving a child a goal can build their self-confidence and self-esteem. Do you remember what you were doing when you were three? I can guarantee I wasn’t’ memorizing something as long as this, with so many large words and so much meaning behind them.

You have to watch this little kid recite her Student Creed. Not only is it cute, but it reminds us just how smart young children can be, and how a great teach can inspire anyone. Please SHARE in Facebook.

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