Cyclist Wesley Williams left BGT judges speechless at hearing


Wesley Williams, 22, also appeared on the British show Got Talent 2020, which attracted the attention and energy of the judges before the show began.

He soon gave a real show that left many in the audience with silent judges.

Wesley first competed on a unicycle and showed off his skills, and the performance escalated minute by minute. Many thought it would be just another ordinary unicycle point. But how wrong they were!

Britain’s Got Talent,Youtube

He soon replaced the smaller unicycle with a larger one, but he still had a lot of aces up his sleeve. He sat on an even bigger unicycle, then took the viewers’ breath away with his last move.

A huge unicycle appeared above the stage, measuring an incredible 22 feet in height. He also sat on it, drove one lap around the stage and reaped a wave of excitement.

Source: Klipland