Cydel Gabutero’s Powerful Cover of Celine Dion’s Classic Song The Power of Love


The Power of Love has been a popular song for a long time now, even among the people who otherwise are not huge fans of Celine Dion. These people are going to especially appreciate this video. Cydel Gabutero has managed to demonstrate her immense talent beyond her years in many different ways. In this video, she proves that she can even take on a song as challenging as The Power of Love.

Celine Dion’s songs are often difficult to sing because of the many moments in which Celine Dion changes key and seems to go from one note to the other very quickly. Cydel Gabutero seems to be able to reproduce that quality well enough to make the song recognizable, while also making the performance uniquely her own. People should please SHARE this video on Facebook, since it is a great tribute to a classic song and it features a talented performer.

Cydel Gabutero

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