Did Dad Catch a Terrifying Playground Ghost on Camera?


When the Dad in this video took his kids to play at the playground, they saw a sight they were not quite ready for! As they looked towards the swings, one of them was swinging wildly without anyone touching it. As they saw this display, they immediately thought it was a ghost swinging on the swingset. The kids were so afraid of the ghost, they did not want to get out of the van and play! You will have to watch the video to make up your own mind on whether this is real or not.

Is this a ghost or some freak wind that moves the swing? While the Dad says there is no wind, there is a storm brewing and the wind is blowing. Could the swing be lighter than the other swings and easier to catch the motion of the wind? Could this be the ghost of a child who loved playing on the swings? Watch to find out and Please SHARE on Facebook.

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