Dad Gives Best Birthday Gift Ever


How do you remember your childhood? One of the most memorable parts of childhood is perhaps your dad’s jokes. Dads love cracking jokes and playing pranks on kids, and they become the anecdotes we tell our friends later on in life. Dads are also the best people to have around on birthdays because they make the day absolutely amazing and memorable. Think if it was your birthday and you Dad couldn’t make it, how sad would you be?

Watch this video to see a boy being surprised out of his wits to see his Dad suddenly appear behind him. The dad was a five hour drive away from the son and could not make it to his birthday because he had to work. Just as the boy is standing normally, the dad appears behind him. The son is so shocked that he cannot believe his emotions. He literally clings to his father and keeps repeating ‘Dad!’ all over again as if he still can’t believe it.

The bond between a parent and a child is indeed one of the closest there is. No matter how many fights we may go through or how many bad days, in the end, on important and memorable days, they are the ones we wish most by our side. Please SHARE it on Facebook if you can relate!


Shelia Lorraine Nelson Sewell

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