Dad Invents Ingenious Car Hack To Prevent His Triplets From Arguing


If you are a parent of more than one young child, this video is for you. Parents of multiples know how difficult it can be to prevent arguing and fussing while in the car. It seems kids just cannot get along much of the time and aggravate one another the entire ride. In this video, you will meet a father of triplets who grew tired of the stressful care rides and came up with a solution.

He cut out foam board and placed it between each car seat so his children would all have their own space and he could avoid hearing them argue and fight with one another during the car ride. He said the car ride was so peaceful with this hack in place and he urges parents to use his idea. You do not want to miss out on this video, even if you are not a parent, it is sure to make you smile. Please SHARE on Facebook.