Dad And Kid Dubsmash For A Whole Year Together


30 year old Eric Bruce decided to convert the normal moments of his son Jack’s life into hilarious Dubsmash videos as a way to amuse his wife Priscilla when she is at work and to bond with Jack in his early days. In this video, Eric mimics a ton of entertaining songs, while Jack looks on at his father’s antics.

Eric who usually works regular nine-to-five hours at an art museum wanted to give his wife, who works one the weekends and evenings as a makeup artist, the chance to witness these father-son bonding moments. He also wanted to create it to build a relationship with Jack. Priscilla loves these videos and considers them the hallmark of her day. Jack and Eric clearly have a great time together, evident by the closeness shared by the two and by Jack’s amusement throughout the video.

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