Dad Makes Mistake Trying to Calm His Child


As a father it can be tough to try and do your part in helping with the kids. Especially when they are still young and sleep in their cribs.

Typically the dad works all day, and doesn’t get to see the children as much as the other parent does. And this leads to being creative when it comes to trying to calm down those cranky children that just want to be held.

This father goes into his child’s room to calm down is cranky little one.

The poor thing is crying up a storm and just wants to be held, but daddy wants the little one to lay down for bed time.

So he figures, let’s climb into the crib and console my little one. Nope, it doesn’t quite work out the way he was thinking. The baby calms down, but only because they are so comfortable laying down and snuggling with daddy.

So every time daddy tries to get back up, this just wakes up the baby. In the end, baby and daddy end up just laying down in the crib together? It makes you wonder how long this poor man was stuck in the crib, and how cramped he felt later on.

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