Dad Sings A-Ha’s “Take On Me” With His Beautiful Toddler Daughter


If you have not had enough cuteness in your day so far, make sure you watch this video! This Dad is truly gifted and loves performing with his adorable toddler daughter. When the two come together to perform “Take On Me”, your heart will absolutely melt. The little girl is brilliant each time she comes in with her part of the performance. This is a fun and light-hearted video that will make you smile each moment you watch. What better way for a father to show his love for his daughter than to sing with her!

If you grew up in the eighties, this song will take you right back to those days! It is so fun to see this talented Dad and Daughter make an eighties classic come alive again. This may just be a hobby these two enjoy for many years to come and it will be especially awesome to witness the changes as she grows. If you love this video, Please SHARE on Facebook.