Dad Wants The World To Know He Is Not Afraid Of Letting His Newborn Cuddle With His Pit Bull


This video may upset some but most will find it absolutely adorable. When a family began raising their children with pit bulls, it seemed to upset a lot of people but the dad in this video just wants people to know his children are perfectly safe being raised with these sweet pit bull dogs. As you will see in the video, they even let their baby lay with the pit bull!

Do you think it is safe for babies to be around any dogs, much less ones that have reputations to be dangerous? This dad wants to end the stereotypes by posting adorable images and videos of his small children interacting with the pit bulls they are raising. While it is clear to see these pups and babies look perfectly happy together, some would argue this is simply trouble waiting to happen. What is your opinion? Be sure to Please SHARE on Facebook.