Daddy-Baby Dance off


The old adage of monkey see, monkey do is still true. When a child observes a behavior, it will often mimic it. This video shows that this is true, no matter how young the child.

A dance off between a father and his baby is the center focus of this clip. when the father does a movement, the baby watches and then does his own. It is clear that the baby is enjoying the interaction as it is smiling during the dance off. it is unclear who the winner of the dance off is, but the father thinks that the baby won.

This video highlights more than just a warmhearted attempt at a father to bond with his offspring. This video shows that the love between a parent and child transcends words.

The movements of the two may be silly in nature, but hid within a depth of love that cannot be expressed through mere words. If you liked this video, please share it in Facebook.