Daddy Fixes Barbie’s Hair Like Magic!


These two adorable little girls certainly love playing with their Barbie dolls. In this video, they are sitting on the bed dressing their Barbies and playing with them. Unfortunately, Barbie’s hair is a mess and the girls cannot figure out what to do. This is when Daddy comes in for the rescue! With his handy vacuum trick, he is able to save the day! What happens next is quite ingenious and funny.

When the girls scream, their Daddy rushes in to save the day and fix Barbie’s hair. He quickly puts his handy vacuum into action and creates an instant ponytail for Barbie and her friend! This Daddy is a true hero for his little girls. Who knew the vacuum trick worked on Barbie too! Wonder how often Daddy gets called for Barbie hairdo duty! Check out this cute video and Please SHARE on Facebook so other Dads can learn this cool trick.

Rene ortner

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