Dalmatians Dressed In Lion Costumes Scare Playful Kitten


The two adorable dalmatians in this video are going to have you laughing from the first moment you see them on the screen! Their owner thought it wise to turn them into beautiful lions for Halloween and the results were so convincing they scared the poor playful kitten who normally has a blast playing with them. This video is the perfect way to start your day with a smile.

At first, the little kitten does not realize these two are in disguise. As it chews on one of the dog’s tails, it is not in the least bit afraid. Finally, the two towering dogs stand up and walk over to the kitten and the kitten could not be more frightened! As its hair stands on end and its back is hunched, you will have no trouble telling it thinks these dogs are really lions! What a fun video to watch. After you enjoy, Please SHARE on Facebook.