A Dance to the Missy Elliott Song Where They From Featuring Lots of Energetic Hip Hop Dancers


People who love hip hop dancing will love this video. It features an extremely energetic dance performance by a number of very talented dancers who seem to move with perfect harmony, and who manage to keep up with this extremely fast-paced background music. The background song is Missy Elliott’s classic song Where They From.

This is a challenging song to dance to, given its extremely fast pace and the fact that it really never seems to slow down. However, the dancers all manage to respond to the challenge of dancing to it with each and every step. Their energy and enthusiasm is infectious, and should be infectious for anyone watching and listening. People should please SHARE this video on Facebook, since it is the perfect video for the fans of Missy Elliott in particular and fans of hip hop dancing in particular, but it should entertain almost anyone who is watching.