Dance, a Universal Language, is Contagious in a Good Way


Dance itself is a good tension breaker, but it’s also good exercise. No matter your own style of dance, dancing is good for your body, and for your mind. It produces a good workout and also endorphins that help heal your body.

In this video, some students start playing some rhythmic beats in school, mainly as a way to ease their boredom and partly as a joking dare, and one student begins dancing around the area, including up to different students and even a teacher standing in her classroom door. She refuses to dance back, however, so he soon tries another teacher. This teacher joins in, and the students see there are fewer barriers between them and those in authority. We are all human, and through dance, it is possible to see some of the background a person has. We all have a past, and each one is unique.

The video shows there are many different ways to dance as shown by the student, who is very skilled with his own style, and also as demonstrated by the teacher, who dances in a way that is completely new to most, if not all, of the students. He still gets a round of applause, and probably an increased level of respect from those students present. All this just for showing his human side a little bit more than they are used to seeing in class and the halls.

Jarayray Seashelle