Dancer Creates Amazing Soldier Dance Performance With Her Dog


The young woman in this video is clearly a superb dog trainer and has worked with her dog for a long time to be able to create this performance. It is amazing to see how the dog responds to its trainer and the two perform beautifully together. This performance is both inspiring and funny and will make you smile from the moment the two come out to perform.

You will love every minute of this entertaining video because it is so fun to watch! The dog is the star of the show and clearly has worked hard for this moment. You can tell by his attentiveness that he truly loves and respects his owner. He performs just as expected throughout the entire dance and does not miss a beat, even when he brings the grenade back to his owner after she throws it at the enemy. Check out this unique dog and owner dance performance and Please SHARE on Facebook.

Videos from Freestyle&HTM World Championship 2016 Moscow