When dancing turns into piano play…


While piano play is more commonly associated with the pleasure of hearing, here are two artists who have magically brought out fun in “watching” piano play—captured in a video. Their performance—dancing moves over a floor piano, showcases a unique-styled piano play that has more visual than audio value.
The video available on youtube, shows the pair playing a giant piano by dancing over the piano notes–stepping over and stepping down in a rhythmic fashion. The duo not only complimented each other in the movements—bringing out an impressive sync but also dressed uniformly in black—contrasting the black and white platform of the floor piano.
The piano play in midst of a shopping area caught the fancy of all the visitors in the area. Hearing a piano play was never so entertaining for the visitors. The flawless piano play is an inspiration for all the piano players world over. The artists seemed to have practiced hard for developing the ability to dance flawlessly over the piano.
Towards end of the performance, the duo also makes use of their hands to play the final note—involving the whole body into the piano play. Please SHARE in facebook

Jacquelyn Fry