Dark Instagram Sketch Makes You Think About Social Media


We like to think we know everything about our social media, but as this video made by Dan Bester shows, the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are not always as they seem.

Bester focusses on Instagram, pretending to be a user called “jennywonderlust”. He adds photos of “her” to his profile, and watches the likes roll in. But the picture holding hands with somebody wasn’t real – it was cut out of a magazine. Nor was the picture of her legs – that was Bester cleverly using his fingers to make it look like them.

We see the strange looking man laughing at the end. There’s nothing directly sinister about the video although it does leave a dark imprint on our minds. It shows us that social media isn’t always what we think it is, and our “friends” may not necessarily be real at all. Please SHARE this video on Facebook.

Matthew Rycroft

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