Deaf Parents Get The Surprise Of Their Life When They Find Out They Will Be Grandparents


This video is sure to touch your heart and bring a big smile to your face. The couple in this video is so excited but they do not yet know why. Although they are deaf, they are able to express their emotions very clearly! When they are given framed pictures of an ultrasound, they do not quite know what to expect. When they realize they will soon be grandparents, the emotion they express will bring tears of joy to your eyes!

This couple is so adorable to watch! They are so overly thrilled when they find out their daughter is having a baby, they cannot contain their excitement. Becoming a grandparent is a big deal they obviously cannot wait to experience. Although the dad does not realize what is happening at first, mom quickly helps him and the two are elated! Check out this touching video and Please SHARE on Facebook.