Deaf Woman Receives the Surprise of Her Life When She Visits Ellen


Can you imagine never being able to hear your baby cry or know what thunder sounds like? For this woman, that was her reality. She was born with a rare condition that prevented the hairs from growing in her ears. Unfortunately, this caused her to be completely deaf. When her mother in law paid for her to have her implant put in, she was finally able to hear for the first time! Ellen invited her and her family to visit so she could give them some surprising news.

This video will make you cry tears of joy as you see this young woman’s story unfold! The surprise at the end of the segment makes the entire video worth watching. Thankfully, this young woman will have her hearing fully restored in both ears so she can easily hear her young children, husband, and the world around her. After watching this touching video, Please SHARE on Facebook for others to enjoy!