Delicious Asian Pepper Steak and Rice Is Super Simple To Make


If you love Asian cooking, you will enjoy this delicious segment that is brought to you by Hello Fresh. This company ships fresh meat, seafood, and vegetables so you can create a delicious meal in thirty minutes or less. You can choose any type of meal you like and the shipment comes with everything you will need to make a gourmet meal for two. In this video, Rosie is making their Asian Pepper Steak which comes with purple onion, peppers, bok choy and delicious seasoned beef. You eat this meal with soft and fluffy Jasmine rice for the perfect meal.

When you put this Hello Fresh meal together, your family will think you have suddenly become a 5-star chef! It will be up to you if you want to tell them the truth or not. This meal has everything you would want and the ingredients are so fresh, it is amazing! If you wish you had this meal right now, Please SHARE on Facebook.

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