Delicious BBQ Bacon Sushi Is The Perfect Way To Enjoy Bacon And Beef


If you are a little shy when it comes to eating sushi, you may want to watch this video and find out how to make a unique sushi that is full of beefy goodness. This easy recipe features a core of gooey cheese that is surrounded by seasoned beef and bacon. Can you imagine all of this goodness in one bite? When served with BBQ sauce and pickled jalapenos, this dish cannot be beaten!

If you follow all of the directions in this video, you will be able to easily create your own BBQ bacon sushi in minutes. Although this recipe tastes delicious when cooked on the grill, you can also cook it in a pan in the oven. The bacon makes a crispy crust to the sushi and then you roll them in crushed nacho chips or crispy onions. Check out the deliciousness and Please SHARE on Facebook for all to enjoy.