Delicious Dessert Tacos are on the Menu This Summer!


There is nothing better than a cool dessert on a hot day! This video is brought to you by Gemma Stafford, a cook who loves to make unique creations to share them with her followers. Today, she is making three different types of dessert tacos that look so yummy, you will begin drooling as soon as you see them. Not only does she tell you how to make the delicious fillings, you will also learn how to make the tacos.

The first taco is made with chocolate, strawberries, and fresh cream! Next, she instructs you how to make a taco with vanilla ice cream and caramelized bananas. Can you imagine the taste of these once they are topped with salted caramel sauce! Finally, she creates her own homemade version of the Choco Taco. When you see the finished products, you will want to make these for your next summer BBQ. Check out these delicious treats and Please SHARE on Facebook so all your friends can see the video.

Gemma Stafford

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