A Delicious and Easy Recipe for French Onion Soup from a Conversational Cooking Show Presenter


When people watch cooking shows, they are watching for the recipes and they are watching for the presenter. Usually, the presenter needs to have a certain amount of charisma to get people coming back, since they would otherwise just skip around in order to get the ingredients and the directions and then they would just avoid watching the rest of the video. In this video, people will get a great recipe for French onion soup, and it will be delivered to them by a conversational presenter.

Presenter Jack Scalfani manages to make the video very entertaining and personal. He includes some personal stories along with the recipe, and the recipe is easy to follow when it is being presented. People should please SHARE this video on Facebook, since many people would love to get the recipe for this French onion soup, and many people would love Jack Scalfani as a video presenter.

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