This Delicious Puff Pastry Could Not Be Easier To Make!


Gemma is a true master baker and creates some of the most decadent desserts and baked goods on the planet! In this video, she is teaching her viewers how to create a buttery puff pastry that is so much better than the store bought kind. When you see how easy it is to make, you will never purchase grocery store dough again!

Once you learn to make this easy puff pastry recipe, you will have it available anytime you want to make a special dessert. This pastry pairs perfectly with both sweet and savory foods. In this video, Gemma shares her special secret for creating a light and fluffy pastry that features all of those incredible layers. What a fun and informative video this is! The way she presents the instructions makes it very easy for even novice bakers to create. After enjoying the video, Please SHARE on Facebook for all to see.

Gemma Stafford