A Delicious Recipe for Muffins That Are Made From Bacon and Eggs


Many people think of muffins as optional side dishes alongside bacon and eggs. The idea that muffins themselves could be made from bacon and eggs is harder to believe, but that’s what people will see in this particular video. Technically, these are hunks of egg wrapped in bacon, but they certainly do look like muffins and they were actually prepared in muffin tins, which heightens the effect.

These bacon and egg muffins look like they are much easier to eat than the typical bacon and egg side dishes at breakfast. As long as they are cool enough, people can eat them just as if they’re muffins. This is perhaps the perfect bacon and egg dish for the people who are busy in the morning. This doesn’t sound like the sort of dish that would work, which is what makes its success even more impressive. People all over Facebook will be interested in trying this.