Delightfully Rare Twin Foals Are Born at OSU


It is very rare for a mare to have twins. Even when she is able to get pregnant with twin foals, one usually dies in-utero or soon after birth. That is not so in this video! It is such a joy to watch the two walking and trying to run about. Because the birth was such a rare one, the mare owner did not want to take any chances and made sure the mare was given the best of care. The veterinary students in this video sure received a treat being able to witness this amazing miracle!

Mocha and Cappucino are their names and they will surely be a handful for their mama! Soon, they will be returned home, once the veterinarian staff has ensured they are healthy and strong enough to do so. When you see this adorable video, your heart will melt with love for these two sweethearts. Watch the video and don’t forget to Please SHARE on Facebook.

Rhoda Krause