Demonstrating the Dangers Posed By Blue-Green Algae


Many people are still unaware of the dangers associated with blue-green algae and other types of algae blooms. Some people will look at algae and they will simply think that it’s a safe and normal part of the lake. The family that is portrayed in this video lost their dog because their dog was exposed to too many toxins from the algae blooms in the nearby lake.

The video is very straightforward and delivers the information in the manner of an educational video. People will also get tips on identifying blue-green algae at the end of the video, which should help them prevent problems like this in the future. It is a sad story, but as one of the family members in the video indicates, it may at least have some social value. Many people on Facebook would gladly SHARE this video, knowing that it’s important that this sort of information becomes more widely available.