A Demonstration of How to Fix and Reuse a Lighter That Has Run Out of Fuel


Many people will dispose of their lighters the moment that they run out of fuel and they will buy additional ones. People will often apply those same standards to the extended-reach lighters, even though these are more expensive and they’re not used as frequently. In this video, people will learn how to fix those lighters for good.

The demonstrator does the entire process for the viewing audience, so they will be able to easily replicate this process. The demonstrator also knows the names of all of the parts involved, which should make it easier for people to follow other manuals that are related to these tools. The video is brief, but includes a lot of content. Thanks to the advice given here, people should be able to save time and money on these sorts of tools. People should please SHARE this video on Facebook thanks to its concise and subtle advice.


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