A Deodorizing Commercial in Which People are Given One of the Worst Stress Tests of All


Being hunted down by the police is probably one of the most stressful experiences that anyone can possibly have. It seems that recreating an experience like that in order to test a deodorizing lotion is a little extreme. However, that extreme test is on full display during this commercial.

People who wear the lotion in a public place seem to be operating under the impression that they are literally being targeted by the police. It would indeed take an extremely powerful lotion in order to hide the effects of sweat under those circumstances.

This commercial manages to raise some interesting ideas about the nature of consumer society and about society in general, especially related to the police. People should please SHARE this video on Facebook, since it manages to be gripping to watch for a commercial, and they are going to sympathize with all the people in the commercial by a wide margin.

Can Okuroğlu