Depressed Pit Bull Labeled as Aggressive, Overcomes the Odds to Make an Incredible Transformation


Nico is a survivor of dog fighting, high kill shelters, and deafness. Currently, he lives a cool life at his permanent home, a life different from the one he was used to.

In 2009 on the month of July, he was about to be euthanized in a shelter that he was living. A picture of him weak and defeated placed on the internet saved his life when it was seen by a rescuer of animals called Kelly Gibson. She decided to go to the shelter in person and see Nico. She never struggled to notice that the dog was not a bad dog as the shelter had portrayed him. Some money was raised for Nico to be taken to a recovery center then afterwards to another shelter in Indiana.

He regained fully after three months, and was ready to be adopted to a forever home. A woman called Bridget adopted him. She took him to her home where he is currently living with a sister named Brisby. She is also deaf and was adopted from the Indiana Shelter too.

The sad news is that he was diagnosed with cancer, but the good thing is that he is positively responding to the treatment he is receiving. Even though suffering from cancer, he is still loved and cared by her family.

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**UPDATE** We just learned that Nico passed away in January. Posted to his Facebook page: “Today at 5:52pm Eastern time Nico passed on to the Rainbow Bridge.”