Designing a Better Laundry Room for Your Home


Sometimes budget gets in the way of doing what you want to with a space. Other times it could be the space that is the issue. Both cases can be tough, but with a little creativity they can be handled and turned into something better.

This mom has taken her laundry room and completely modified it into a fully functional space, allowing her to be both organized and giving her full use of a small room. By using stackable washer and dryer units she has more space to utilize in the room. With a little creativity she has created drying racks that pull out like drawers for delicate clothes, as well as a bin to sort the laundry out. Then there are separate slide out drawers for each of the children’s clean laundry, a folding table that has plenty of room, and is removable for service on the machines. There is even an added ironing board that folds down and swivels. The door, instead of being an open space or enclosed one, slides open on a rail. There is even a hanging rail for the clothes that go on hangers as well.

This ingenious design allows the family to function, and be organized with everyone pitching in, and clean laundry not laying on the floor. If you like how this room functions and would like to see others, share this video with your friends on Facebook.

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