Desperately Trying to Feed a Picky Baby


Feeding babies anything is no easy task. They will often spit out anything that comes in contact with their mouths, which many parents have to experience firsthand every single day. Getting babies to try to eat anything new is even more challenging. Even babies that can’t talk will still make their feelings quite clear during situations like this. In this video, parents are trying to feed avocado to their baby, who spends much of the video making horrified expressions.

The video mainly focuses on the baby, giving viewers closeups. As such, they can feel as if they are in the room with the parents, as if they are watching a genuine funny moment between parents and their children in person. The parents also discuss among themselves what to do about the situation, wondering how they can get the baby to eat. It’s a moment that helps sum up a good portion of what parenthood is about for many people. This is a Facebook video that many people, especially parents, would love.