A Detailed Presentation on Leaf Casting and Preserving Decorative Leaves

Leaf casting is not an interest that gets a great deal of discussion. As such, the people who are interested in leaf casting are going to be that much more appreciative of a video like this one. A lot of people would still like to be able to enjoy the pretty leaves that they find in their gardens, preserving them for new seasons. After watching this video, they’ll have a good idea of how they should go about doing so.


The presenter and the woman that she’s working with go through lots of different examples of leaves, describing the shape of the leaves and how that shape is going to influence the preservation process, if applicable. Both of them clearly know the field and they’re obviously passionate about it. People will also learn how to preserve all of the leaves that they like by watching this video. This is the perfect video for hobbyists in this niche.


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