Devastated Boy Thinks His Father Forgot His Birthday!


As you watch this video, you will quickly see the little boy is not happy. He and his dad are on their way to the boy’s baseball game and all the dad can talk about is the big game. It is the boy’s birthday but he thinks his dad is only concerned with the game. The boy keeps his head down and will not tell his dad why he is upset. As the dad keeps attempting to get the boy to smile or even talk, it is clear something is weighing heavily on his mind. When the dad reveals the surprise at the end, you will smile just as big as the boy!

Finally, his dad reveals that he knows it is his special boy’s birthday and he has a surprise in store for him. When the boy goes to the back of the van and opens his gift, he breaks out into the most infectious smile and then begins to cry. You will find tears in your eyes when you see this sweet moment. Check it out and Please SHARE on Facebook.