Directions on How to Create a Makeshift Indoor Space Heater Out of Flower Pots and Candles


Lots of people are trying to save energy and fuel over the winter, especially for the sake of environmental reasons. However, many people probably never imagined that they would be able to find some innovative solutions to this problem through the use of candles and flower pots. This invention uses the principles of thermodynamics to create a very impressive contraption that allows people to heat their rooms in a new way.

The actual video is primarily visual, with some voice-over in the background that describes everything that’s going on with the procedure. People will know exactly what they need in order to make this indoor space heater, and they will also get a sense of how it works after they watch this video. People should please SHARE this video on Facebook, since many people would love to be able to make a space heater like this, and it is easy and cheap to make.

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