Disabled Love Bird Overcomes Great Obstacle to Learn to Walk After Hatching With Splayed Legs


When Benny was first hatched, he had a condition called splayed legs. This condition made it impossible for him to be able to walk around like his brothers and sisters. He was also much smaller than them. This touching video tells the story of Benny and the odds he overcame so he could learn to walk and even fly. As you watch this emotional story, be prepared with the tissues!

As the video progresses, Benny goes through a series of medical treatments. He wears a splint for several weeks to help him learn to walk and to help his legs form correctly. Although it took time, Benny was finally able to walk on his own, without the aid of any splint! Through his recovery period, his family cared for him and made sure he had all he needed for recovery. Watch this beautiful video and then Please SHARE on Facebook so others can be encouraged about overcoming their life obstacles!

D.G Jonker (Volendam)