Discover The Best Video Game Players In The Entire World


This video is every video game player’s dream come true. Here, you get to meet the very best of the best when it comes to video games that have been mastered throughout the years. First, you will meet the Globe’s Best Videogamer because he beat “Pac-Man” and revealed a screen the game developers were not even aware of. You will also meet the fastest “Super Mario Bros” speedrunner in the world, along with some of the game developers who started it all.

If you love playing video games, make sure you do not miss watching every minute of this interesting compilation. The guys in this video have made video games their life and they each tell their story for the world to hear. You will hear about arcade games, Nintendo, and Atari. Seeing this video may just bring back some childhood memories! After watching, Please SHARE on Facebook for all your gamer friends to enjoy.

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