Discover Ten Amazing Ways to Cook With the Humble Potato


This video is brought to you by Brothers Green Eats, a pair of brothers who love to make music and cook together. In this amazing presentation, they teach you how to cook with potatoes in ways you never likely dreamed of. From deviled potatoes to delicious and easy French fries, this video is definitely worth watching if you enjoy eating potatoes, yet are bored with the same-old-same-old dishes. This video will give you some awesome ideas to create delicious potato dishes for your family.

These brothers truly give you the hookup on all things potatoes! The dishes they bring to the table are quite imaginative and delicious. They even teach you how to recreate the famous McDonald’s hashbrown. Who doesn’t enjoy those! A word of warning: Do not watch this video if you are hungry because you might just start drooling on the screen! Check out these delicious recipes and then Please SHARE on Facebook for all who love good food.

Brothers Green Eats

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