A Dispatcher Tries in Vain to Contact a Lost Police Officer and Realizes That He is Gone


The loss of police officers happens all the time, and the dispatchers are usually the first to know when an officer is down. The dispatchers are in charge of contacting the officers at various points during their shifts or their work, and when the officers don’t respond, something is always wrong. Sadly, in many cases, it can mean that the dispatchers are too late. This video includes a record of one of those situations.

The dispatcher goes through the usual procedure, but the officer in question completely fails to respond. The dispatcher tries again and again, like a sort of eerie broken record. Still, the police officer does not manage to respond. It is clear that the loss has been permanent by that point, to both the dispatcher and the audience. People should please SHARE this video on Facebook, since it is certainly very sad to watch, and it helps capture a rare experience.