Doctor’s Find Baseball Sized Tumor In Little Girl’s Brain


This video is quite heart-wrenching to watch and will likely make you cry when you see all this little girl went through. When she was only two years old, doctors found a baseball-sized tumor in her brain and had to operate to remove it. Unfortunately, the cancer was aggressive and it quickly began to attack her body. While the chemo helped to slow it down, it also made her weaker and weaker. This heartbreaking video details her journey in photos and video segments.

This little one was truly a fighter and fought her hardest to overcome the ravages of this disease! Unfortunately, it claimed her life at a very young age. As the video plays “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, this little girl is flying high! She was only four years old when her little body could take no more and she passed away. After you watch her courageous battle, Please SHARE on Facebook.