Documentary Hopes To Shed Light On The Deadly Dangers Of Bullying!


This video is full of stories about bullying and the toll it takes on people of all ages, especially children. In this video, you will hear stories about young people who killed themselves because of bullying and you will hear about adults who are still haunted because of the bullying they endured as children. This is an important video for kids and adults to watch so bullying can end!

Whether you are a bully, have been one or are being bullied, this is a video that is important for you to watch. So many kids are killing themselves because of bullying and it is vital something is done about it before it is too late! Talking openly about the subject is the key to seeing true change. There is no reason for anyone to be bullied, no matter who they are! If you would like to spread awareness about bullying, Please SHARE on Facebook.