Dog Absolutely Adores 2015 Budweiser Beer Superbowl Commercial


Every time the 2015 Budweiser Superbowl ad plays, this adorable English bulldog runs for the screen and sits down in total amazement. Her owner says no matter what she is doing she will stop everything and come running to the television so she can watch her beloved commercial. When you see this cute video, you will be amazed at how a dog could truly take in what is happening on the screen. As Khaleesi watches the dog on the commercial make it home safe, she celebrates every single time.

If you love cuddly dogs, this video is sure to touch your heart! The sweet reaction this doggie has as she watches her favorite Budweiser commercial will make you smile every time you think about it. It is clear to see Khaleesi truly experiences emotion while watching the commercial. What a sweet video to make your day a little brighter! Check it out and then Please SHARE on Facebook so others can enjoy it.

Elvis and Khaleesi