Dog Absolutely Loves Running To The Ice Cream Truck For A Treat!


The dog in this video is named Rambo and he absolutely loves the ice cream man! The first time he heard the music of the truck, he immediately got excited and began running out to greet him. The ice cream truck driver gave him an ice cream and that started his addiction. Every time he hears the music, he goes running to get his treat!

This is a video that is sure to bring a big smile to your face! This little fellow loves ice cream and it shows every time he hears the ice cream truck jingle. The ice cream truck driver is amazed over the dog and loves giving him a tasty treat each time he comes begging. What a truly sweet dog this is! He should be the mascot for this ice cream truck! So your friends do not miss out on the fun of this video, be sure to Please SHARE on Facebook.