What This Dog Did At His Best Friend’s Funeral Shocked All. A Lesson To Learn!


Dogs are said to be clever since they can learn a wide range of tricks without any difficulty. I have to admit that they are my favorite pets since they are fully submissive to us who live with them. It is also quite easy to develop a strong bond and relationship with them.

Normally dogs respect their owners since they know they are the ones who provide them with security and comfort. Animal lovers also feel the same way towards their pets. Since everyone watches the other one’s back, it makes the bond to grow stronger.

Within the clip below, a police officer was killed while in the line of duty. A dog, his best friend witnessed all that. During the officer’s burial, the dog got the chance of paying the last respect. Given that the two had lived to watch each other’s back, it was a very emotional moment for this dog. The dog expressed a very moving reaction since he knew lonely moments were waiting ahead. As lucky has it, one of the officer’s family members adopted the dog.

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