Dog Has a Blast as She Bounces and Jumps Through a Field of Green


Watching this video will allow you to meet Rosie, a dog who absolutely loves to run, jump, and play! As you will see here, her owner has let her out in a field of tall grass so she can run about and jump and play. It is so funny to watch her emerge from the grass and leap high in the air, only to disappear into its depths again. If you have not yet smiled today, watch this adorable video and you will! Rosie is truly a dog that will bring joy to your day.

It must be such fun to be a dog and run free through the fields. What freedom and exhilaration she must feel with each huge leap. Just when you think she has stopped jumping, she leaps again, higher and higher into the air. If you think Rosie is absolutely a joy to watch, Please SHARE on Facebook so all can join in on her fun.