This Dog Can’t Trust Humans Any Longer, Watch What The FBI Discover!


Recently the FBI and the police came in to assist in the rescue of pets such as dogs that are being abused by their owners or even people at random. What they learnt is that people who abuse animals are also likely to harm other people. Theirstatisticsindicate that for those people who have been found to have abused animals, 65% of them were also found to have abused humans.

With that in mind, the police along with the FBI realize that they can fight crime even better by prosecuting animal abusers and keeping them in the watch list. In the video below, a dog was abused so much that when the rescuers came to its aid, it could still not bear feeling their touch. It just felt that humans were there to only harm it. It is so sad.

Watch andSHARE with family and friends. What is your opinion concerning animal offenders? Post your comments below.

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