This Dog Was Caught Opening The Fridge Door. But That’s Not The Full Story… Watch!


With time, they understand what you mean whenever you order them to do something at home.

One person noted that and decided to teach her border collie and golden retriever to follow some complex instructions. Her shoes are on the stairs, the drawers are left open, and even requests the pup to go to the fridge and bring her a beer. It is amazing that they are able to do everything as commanded.

I was surprised when she ordered the dog to go and close the dishwasher. It is clear that the two pups love their owner and she must be happy to have the two geniuses around.

Have you tried to train your do to help you do a particular chore in the house? Were the results of the training positive? Maybe you will learn something if you decide to watch Lisa Berglund’s video. Just give it a try and your furry friend might surprise you.

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